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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Last weekend the siblings got back together for the annual 'Bro Retreat'. For the last few years we've been getting together the weekend after Labor Day to reconnect. This year we choose the Champion Mine, a long forgotten mining mining camp in Eastern California. Over the years volunteers have maintained the sleeping cabins, kitchen and museum in top condition. We made the easy 1 mile hike into the collection of cabins and [luckily] found ourselves alone in the hanging valley above Bishop, with nothing but the sweeping views of the Sierras to entertain us. As we explored the various buildings, mine shafts and equipment I got a healthy dose of time passing. Shafts had slowly caved in, buildings had been nudged off their foundations by repeated scree slides. Initially it was disheartening to see the destruction of so many historic relics; until I realized that it is actually just the entropy of nature returning the mountains to their natural state. And so too has entropy applied its pressure here at home. After a period of time working a regular job - its time to get packing again. Antarctica was the first big adventure after a many year hiatus for professional development. Recently an opportunity came up to get involved with an organization that specializes in providing remote medical care and I jumped. Adventure ahoy ...

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