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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Private air travel

Over the years I've got to have some pretty amazing commutes.  For ski patrol there was the pre-dawn CAT rides to the top of the mountain with a backpack full of dynamite.  The Forest Service delivered us to remote fires via helicopter.  With the Coast Guard, I got to drive a rescue boat out to our 'work' on the water.  Then I had the pleasure of 'commuting' by C-130 and Twin Otter in Antarctica.

But nothing is as good as commuting by G-3 to a remote military base in Alaska.  The coffee and snacks in the back were self-serve, but the views of the Alaska and Brooks Range outside Anchorage more than made up for it.

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  1. Alex, what an adventure! We are at the cabin; just removed the rope from the little tree off the back porch and it is such a happy tree now. Not perfectly straight but so much better after your ministrations.

    We are off to NC this afternoon; CF wants to see Melinda's new office and we are going to dinner and then spend the night on the property.