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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Antarctic planning

Just got word about what to expect during my three months 'out on the ice' at a deep field camp in Antarctica

-what laundry services are available?
At McMurdo Station, we have full laundry facilities with washers and
dryers.  At Pig, you will have an old style hand washer and ringer - the
old wash board and bucket type.  Clothes will dry on a clothes line
above the tent heaters.  Most people don't do laundry very often.  You
many want to bring 2 weeks worth of socks and underwear, so you don't
have to worry about doing laundry too often.

what bathing facilities will I have access to?
We should have some basic showers set up at some point, but it will take
2-3 weeks before they are built.  These will be a small camping like
shower, so pretty basic.  People generally shower once a week, since you
need to shovel a lot of snow to melt for water for a shower.  You can
shower as often as you want, as long as you shovel enough snow.  Lots of
people take sponge baths and use wet wipes to clean up.

Sounds 'interesting' ...

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  1. Oh Yeah, I know if the first question is laundry you are really going to be missing Wash-n-fold service!!