Midway Weather

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sunset tonight: FEB 21, 2012

Today was [hopefully] the end of 'field training' before deployment to field camp.  We went out onto the ice sheet for crevasse rescue training with the SAR team.  The ride in the Haggland was bumpy, but fun.  Once out on the ice, the view was utterly spectacular.  With the clear skies we were able to watch the off-gassing from Mt Erebus, which gurgles only 20 miles from town [background in picture].
While I was out on the ice sheet, I noticed that the sun didn't get anywhere near the horizon.  Back in town I checked the TV monitors for weather and saw that sunset tonight: FEB 2012.  What a different world.


  1. So, you are the PIG doctor....does that make you a Vet?

  2. I suppose this means you have almost two months to celebrate your birthday. sweet.

    heard flights are moving again. enjoy the journey to your new home.