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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Daily trash service

Thanks to the Great pacific garbage patch, Midway gets a huge daily dose of plastic, fishing nets and line on the beach.

I've taken to picking up trash while walking the beaches.  It provides a nice opportunity to slow down and look around.  Fortunately I always carry around a section of line that I can use to make a 'trash train'.

A few weeks ago we had huge ball of plastic detritus wash up on the beach.  I actually got to watch it surge across the shallows before docking on the beach.  Several of us tried to pull it up, but quickly found that the combined weight was well over several tons.  They ended up using a telescoping forklift to take it to the 'trash pile'. The FWS folks here say the ginormous commercial fishing boats will lash together all their scrap nets and rope and set them adrift in an attempt to bait in fish.  Sometimes the trash balls are even found with GPS locator beacons on them.

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