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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Then & now

While browsing through the visitor center recently I came upon an old chart of the area made around the turn of the last century [below].  It was a treat to see the areas marked out for the Commercial Pacific Cable Co Station [top of island] and Pan American Airways Station [right side of island].
What is most striking though is to look at the current satellite photos and appreciate that the entire SE [bottom right] corner of the island didn't exist in the 1930's.  It wasn't until the military needed more island that the area was filled in with sand and coral that was dredged up from the newly created shipping channels.

Of course the huge engineering project completed 80 years ago will likely be washed away in another 80 years if the expected sea level rise comes to fruition.  The average height of the island is only a few feet above sea level and many suspect the island will soon be underwater.

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