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Friday, January 27, 2012


We’ve been tent bound since last week, but awoke to a blue bird day today.  My hopes for leaving were quickly dashed when we were reminded that the NY Giants are in a play-off game today [Sunday in the States].  Since our transportation is the NY Air National Guard, it is expected that our flight will be cancelled for ‘mechanical’ reasons so that they can stay back in their barracks and watch the game.
The forecast is abysmal.  If we get stuck today, it looks like we’ll be here for at least a few more days.
We’ve all done an excellent job of not going at each others throats over the last few days, even though we are all frustrated and living on top of each other in the remaining two small tents.  I’ve been able to find sanctuary in the quiet solitude of the igloo.   Unfortunately the snow blocks have been sublimating and since the roof was built too flat initially, it appears that a collapse in the next day is imminent.  I’ll try to use the nice weather today [that should be used to fly us back to McMurdo] to demo the roof and use the walls to rebuild.  If we are stuck here for a few more days, it will be worth having my own abode to retreat to.

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