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Friday, January 27, 2012


DEC 30
First order of business upon arrival at camp is getting your personal tent setup.  I was given an ‘arctic oven’ tent, specially designed for cold temperatures and extreme environments; it is exceptionally comfortable and spacious [8’ x 8’].
During the planning of camp, I was told that the Medical Officer is the only person in camp who doesn’t sleep in a personal tent, but is instead housed in the large medical ‘rac tent’.  Unfortunately someone forgot to order/ship the parts for the medical tent, so for now I am a man without a [permanent] home.

Since we are working with 24 hour a day sunlight under the ozone hole, skin protection is paramount.  I have finally taken to using sunblock [for the first time in years] on the few bits of exposed face.  Most people fashion a nose shield from duct tape onto their glasses or goggles, but fortunately Melinda was able to send be a special care package composed of more appropriate PIG camp attire.

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