Midway Weather

Friday, January 27, 2012


Sure enough, the scientists arrived yesterday.  It was painful and comedic to watch them spill out of the aircraft with their camcorders and cameras snapping in all directions.  I was supposed to corral them in the galley until the camp manager could finish up with the cargo and give them a safety in briefing; though I would have had more success herding cats.
Weather is expected to move in tomorrow and make it miserable for the foreseeable future.  Getting the helos in before the new deadline is doubtful.

My rac-tent is finally up, though there is a still yet undiagnosed problem with the diesel heater stove that is making it difficult to keep the medications from freezing.  It is spacious, dry and wonderful though.
We will begin to batten down the hatches tomorrow for the coming storm.

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