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Monday, May 19, 2014

Hat trick

Islanders have said they can expect a MEDEVAC once every 10 months on average.  Yesterday was my third in the last month.
We were informed about a patient needing to come off a military asset in the area a few days ago.  A dry goods ship enroute to Australia was diverted to pick up the sick person and steam towards Midway.  When they were just outside the reef we got underway in our own small boat and met them in the open water.  It was a blast being back inside the same boat I drove for the Coast Guard.
I kept an eye on the patient until sunset when the USCG C-130 could safely land on the bird strewn runway and transport the individual back to Honolulu.
Yours truly manning the radio
I've been asked to please stop bringing the bad juju to the island.  Folks are tired of all the late night work at the airfield.  I agree.

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