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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Living off the fat of the (is)land

Hard won coconut water
 We had quite the storm last night with over 40mph gusts knocking down a few trees in the rain soaked dirt.  There were also a number of coconuts knocked down, so I took the opportunity today to have my first coconut water from an actual coconut.  It took a while to split the pulp open, but was so worth it.

Laysan duck hiding in the dirt
 A few days ago one of the residents told me about the lime trees across from the office.  I took a few minutes to go harvest some citrus and was rewarded with a close encounter with one of the Laysan Ducks [only found here and one other island]

Banana trees in the foreground
 There is also a stand of banana trees that will still produce once a year, though I missed the opportunity this year.

Small citrus trees in the opening
In the clearing across from the store there are a number of struggling citrus trees that still produce a few times a year.  The kitchen staff will even make fresh grapefruit juice from the grove when they're available.  Someone also mentioned a papaya tree somewhere on the island.

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