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Friday, December 2, 2011

Beakers vs. Ray-bots

Since I've been here for a while now, I've been able to start 'people watching' when the busloads of new people get dropped off by Ivan at the galley.  There are only two types of people here at station: scientists and support staff.
The scientists [beakers] are easily identifiable; with their nylon cargo pants, complete with zip off legs. Most were purchased so recently that they still have a crease line in them.  They are also usually wearing brand new hiking boots with intact and unscathed leather uppers.
On the other hand, the support staff [hired by Raytheon => Ray-bots], are universally found to be wearing their standard issue insulated carhartt overalls and boots that should have been retired long ago.

Both are tremendous fun to work with and talk too.  The stories amazing, and the camaraderie here 'on the ice' especially tight.

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  1. So, as a Vet (PIG doctor) I guess you are a Ray-bot. If you are living out of your carry on you must be looking grungy enough to qualify