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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

solstice - a 2,880 hour day

The sun rose here at the end of October; it isn't due to set until 21FEB2012. That would make it a 2,880 hour day.

I remember going to the solstice party during my summer in Alaska and being so enthralled to see the sun dip behind the horizon for a few hours, then pop back up.  The experience seems so tame now, but then it was almost overwhelming.

Today I celebrated with another walk out to Castle Rock and was treated to a glorious blue-bird day with mild wind and an unobstructed view.  The sea ice is rapidly melting and the thin line of blue that was on the horizon has widened significantly since last time.


  1. climate change trivia:

    - sea ice does not contribute to sea level change (it's already displacing the sea water)

    - Only 50% of future sea level rise due to climate change will be due to melting land ice sheets. Thermal expansion of sea water will account for the other half.

  2. So were you obeying the guidelines and had someone with you? I'm guessing yes, given the picture. It is so good to get a glimpse of you, even if only electronically! Love, Sherry