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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

unplugged [perhaps]

After five weeks of various logistical delays, it appears that we are headed to camp.  Possibly tomorrow.

The 'put-in' flight had a successful landing, despite some safety concerns.  The air field markers placed last year had been buried over the winter and blowing snow had piled sastrugi onto the runway.  Fortunately the overland traverse that had already arrived was able to groom out a safe area for landing.

Our plan for the season is constantly being modified.  Initially, the support staff was supposed to establish the 'main camp' starting in November.  Then in December the scientists would arrive, and using the main camp as a beach head, ferry supplies and people by helicopter to the drill camp out on the glacier.  Now it is being decided if there will be any science at all this season, or if we should just aim to get everything ready for an early/fast start to next season.

Because of the short season, many of the planned amenities have been cancelled.  That includes email/internet, bathing facilities and possibly electricity.  I'll likely be signing off for the next month or so, but plan to post some updates during my return to McMurdo.  In the mean time, the science group is venting on a daily basis from their website that has lots of good information.

Happy New Year


  1. No kisses with that frozen face, even from the doggies! Stay warm.