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Friday, December 2, 2011


Still stuck at McMurdo.  PIG camp needs 100,000 pounds of supplies to be delivered by overland traverse, but the tracked machines are broken and awaiting parts.  So here we sit; primed, ready to go and nothing to do.  I even had to 'check' my bags earlier this week when it was thought that I would fly.  So now I'm living out of my 'carry on' for the next week.

The bright side of things is that since we have nothing to do, management is farming us out to other departments in town that need help.  I have had a fantastic time working with, and talking to, many of the folks here in town. 

Yesterday I got to hang out at the BFC [yes, that Building Full of Chicks] and talk to one of the women that works there.  Last year she spent 5 months bicycling through Patagonia & Chile in her time off from Antarctica. 

The day before we were tasked with helping sort trash at the Waste Barn.  Every day, every single piece of trash is sorted by hand here at McMurdo.  It was a fun little side adventure, and I enjoyed talking with the supervisor who decided to come down here and sort trash after her stint as an AmericCorps volunteer.

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